How clay works to clean even the deepest of blemishes

Ahhh! There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a clay mask, glass of wine and a good book – it's the ultimate in #selfcare and it’s a look we see all over social media. But have we ever stopped to wonder how clay actually works to clean up our skin? Look, we’re glad you ‘asked’! Ok we brought it up. But it’s just because we’d love to tell you how clay can work practical wonders for your skin.  

So if your skin is prone to blackheads, congested pores, excess oil, breakouts or even a build-up of rough and bumpy texture – then this one’s for you! (And let’s face it, that covers pretty much all of us).

How to change up your skincare routine this spring

There’s nothing quite like the warm change in the air that comes with spring. We clean out our closets, swap hearty meals for lighter foods, peel off the extra layers of clothing and ditch our makeup in favour of days frolicking carefree in the sunshine. So it’s time to hit pause on the slugging, wake up our skin from the winter hibernation, and change up our skincare routine too!  

Check out our simple skincare tips to feel more comfortable, liberated and confident this spring. 

Breakout-prone or sensitised skin? Try this simple routine
If you’re experiencing breakout-prone skin, chances are your skin is sensitised. And you’re not alone! We’re going to share with you an easy routine to manage your sensitised skin, so you can be on your way to soothed, happier and healthier skin! 
Your holistic guide to glowing, healthy skin
When it comes to skin goals, glowing skin and healthy skin top most lists. Who wouldn’t want sun kissed, youthful and radiant-looking skin all year round? Or even-toned and blemish-free skin? Yep... radiant, even and blemish-free... it’s what we hear the most. And you can get it. You can get it easily! Just take a little more of a holistic approach to your skincare routine, and you can be well on your way. Discover how.
How to boost collagen and elasticity in your skin
Ever read the words ‘increases collagen and elastin production’ on a product description and found yourself wondering what on earth that actually means? You wouldn’t be alone! We break down all things collagen, elastin and skin elasticity for your plumpest, bounciest skin!
Caring for your skin while you’re under the weather

Along with the winter season and cold weather, the onset of colds, flus and other bugs begin to wreak havoc on your mind, body and skin too. Because when you’re under the weather, often the last thing on your mind is your skincare routine. And because being sick is super stressful on your body, it shows up on your skin – skin dryness and dehydration, dull-looking skin, puffy eyes, chapped nostrils and lips... you know how it goes! 

So here's our low maintenance tips to keep up your skincare routine, even when you're feeling dreadful.

Why the skin microbiome is key to healthy, happy skin

Balance. The key to almost everything in life, including the human body. We all know by now that a balanced gut is a healthy gut. And a healthy gut assists with everything from immunity function, inflammation and even our mental health. Just like the gut, our skin has its own microbiome which requires balance too. 

Let’s get to know our skin’s microbiome and why it’s key to healthier, happier skin. 

Why less is more when it comes to skincare
Sometimes in life, less really is more. And this can hold true with your skincare routine. While a 10-step skincare routine sounds all well and good – is it necessary for your skin goals? Or can you achieve the results you’re after with just a few key products? We think so, and it’s called skin minimalism. Discover how to achieve your skin goals without the fuss!
Skincare ingredients that are worth their hype

With so many products, promises and trending ingredients on the market, it’s hard to figure out what’s actually worth your time and investment. Not to mention analysis paralysis (it’s a real thing!)… When you don’t know where to start or what to choose it can really affect your skincare journey – so we’d like to help! 

Here are the tried, tested and scientifically proven natural skincare ingredients that are worth their hype!

Dry vs dehydration skin: What’s the difference?
Dry skin and dehydrated skin are often confused as being the same thing. And if you thought they were the same – no one would blame you! But alas, they’re completely different. One is a skin type and one is a skin concern. But how can you tell whether your skin is dry or dehydrated? Discover the common signs and care tips with us.
Your Sunday Reset Routine

How’s life feeling? If it’s busy, we’re with you! That’s why we LOVE a Sunday reset routine. A chance for me time, to start the week feeling mentally, emotionally and physically refreshed. Really the aim of the Sunday reset wellness trend is to spend a day doing everything that will make you feel relaxed and confident to step into the coming week. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, catch up on sleep, indulge in self-care and check in on yourself. 

So, if life is feeling busy and you’re experiencing the dreaded Sunday anxiety – then this one is for you! Spark inspiration to create your own heavenly Sunday, with our own Sunday reset routine.

How to prep your skin for flawless makeup
Say goodbye to the likes of blotchy, smudged, creased or worse yet... separated makeup, by prepping your skin the right way. We're sharing our very own step-by-step routine to prep and prime for that perfect, flawless makeup finish.
How to keep your skin hydrated and happy this winter

Is your skin feeling extra thirsty now that winter has hit?! Ours too. As the cold sets in, dry air, unruly winds and exposure to indoor heaters all suck the moisture from your skin and strip it of its essential oils too (these are needed for a healthy skin barrier function). Adding to the uncomfortable feeling of dry skin, this can also lead to facial redness, skin sensitivities and irritation too.

But winter doesn’t need to be synonymous with dry skin. Let’s winter-proof your skin to keep it happy and healthy with our guide of hydrating and moisturising ingredients!

Maturing skin? The 3 ingredients you'll love!
Let's talk maturing skin. While it's both inevitable and beautiful, it's pretty common to wish away some fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and dullness (the hallmarks of maturing skin) for smoother, plumper and brighter days instead. So if this sounds like you, we've got the top three ingredients you need to reduce the signs of maturing.
Why you need to start your skincare routine with oil cleansing
The first step in any good skincare routine, is cleansing. A good cleanse not only removes the likes of makeup, SPF, sebum, pollution, sweat and daily dirt, but also assists to combat breakouts while preparing your skin to effectively absorb the next products in your routine. Super important! But have you tried an OIL cleanser?! Discover why THIS is going to give you your best clean yet.
Laura Henshaw’s top skincare picks for confidence
She literally created the app on health and wellness, so it’s no wonder why Laura Henshaw has a love for self-care, and a confidence-infused beauty philosophy. Let’s see just what Laura does to inspire such unapologetic confidence, shall we?! Discover her top RAWKANVAS skincare picks and routine. 
Your guide to creating an at-home skincare salon experience

Who doesn't love a good skin pampering appointment filled with high-quality products, beautiful scents and the cool sensation of skincare gliding onto your skin?! But what happens when you can't get to the salon?

Experience your own salon-quality appointment at home with RAWKANVAS natural and aromatic skincare.

AHA and BHA exfoliating skincare acids explained
The most common way to exfoliate away dead skin cells is through physical scrubs. But there is another way, and it doesn’t involve the physical labour. In fact, this highly effective way of exfoliating leaves behind the gritty scrubs and instead uses chemical acids to decongest and renew your skin. Get to know all things chemical exfoliation with AHAs and BHAs.
Celebrate Mother's Day with these top skincare picks

Mother’s Day is coming up – and it’s the perfect time to pamper that leading lady (or Mother figure) in your life! If she’s as obsessed with skincare as you are, then we have our top picks ready to make your gifting easy. 

So, let’s brighten her day as well as her complexion, shall we?!

The best ingredients for skincare cocktailing
Some skincare lovers prefer a more minimalist approach, while others max out their bathroom storage with numerous bottles of goodness and an extensive skincare layering routine. No matter your fancy – both approaches can benefit from skincare cocktailing. The minimalists will get more bang for their buck, and the layering lovers can cut time... all the while achieving great results! Discover our top ingredient duos
6 ways to reduce facial redness and irritation
Facial redness can be seriously frustrating. While glass skin sounds all well and good, the majority of us experience facial redness at some point in our lives. Whether it’s a short-lived flush or it sets up camp for a little longer, redness and irritation can be attributed to a number of things and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ remedy for the issue. However, treating your symptoms accordingly is a great place to start. We've got 6 tips to get you on your way.