We want people to feel at home in their skin, while we care for our home on this earth. This earth produces the ingredients that so beautifully care for our skin, and it is our responsibility to help nourish the earth that so generously nourishes us.

That’s why we have carefully selected recyclable glass packaging, recycled print materials for our postage and product boxes, compostable and ocean safe corn starch fill within our postage boxes too, while also running our in-house recycling program RAWCYCLE.

Here's to your confidence, naturally.



Free from animal products and animal testing, our products are vegan and cruelty-free with natural, naturally derived or nature identical ingredients that are sourced using sustainable practices. We test our products on real people. Animals have no business in beauty. 


Handcrafted and poured in boutique batches, our products use the freshest ingredients and last 18 months unopened, or 6 months after opening in your beauty bar.

While the natural, naturally derived or nature identical ingredients and formula remain completely unchanged with each batch, natural colours and scents can vary from batch to batch depending on when the ingredients were harvested. You'll always know that each batch is FRESH and unique! 

With a team between New Zealand, Australia and the United States, every batch is lovingly poured while supporting human jobs and environmental sustainability.



Introducing RAWCYCLE, our in-house commitment to sustainability.

From day one, our business model has incorporated eco-friendly packaging coupled with an incentivised recycling program.Instead of throwing away your RAWKANVAS empties away, simply collect your empties, clean and dry them, send them back to us and receive a RAWKANVAS credit.Once we receive your empties, they will undergo a a thorough, deep sterilisation process (as all new and recycled glassware does) before being refilled and given a new life by our chemists in a clean room! This ensures that RAWKANVAS reduces unnecessary emissions in the beauty world all the while giving packaging a new life, time and time again.


Eco-conscious thinking has been at the forefront of our packaging selections from day one.

We’ve proudly assembled our products in beautiful, recyclable glass packaging that can be recycled at home, upcycled or given a second life in our RAWCYCLE program.

Our product and postage boxes are printed on recycled paper and cardboard. They are recyclable and use vegetable based ink that dries by air with water based coatings.

To protect our products during transit, we fill our postage boxes with compostable and ocean safe corn starch fill that can be safely rinsed down the sink without harm to our ecosystem.



Give your bottles and jars the second life they deserve. Rather than tossing your glass packaging into the recycling bin, you can upcycle it! Once you've used up your RAWKANVAS product, simply clean your bottle or jar and leave it to air dry outside in the sun.
You can then use your glass packaging as a:
• Vase
• Candle holder
• Incense holder
• Store spices


Palm oil can go by over 300 names, but those ingredients may not necessarily be derived from palm oil either. For example glycerin can be from palm oil, but we source it from flaxseed, Alkyl Polyglucoside which we derive from coconuts or Glyceryl Stearate Citrate which we source from corn.

Palm oil is an incredibly high yielding crop, it produces nine times more oil per hectare than the next best oil crop so it needs less land to grow the same amount of oil. The coconut, a common palm replacement for example yields only half the oil of palm meaning that we will need double the land. We prefer to err on the side of caution so we choose not to make a claim we cannot stand behind.

While our products do not contain palm oil they may contain palm oil derivatives. However we purchase our ingredients from a supplier which sources their ingredients directly from the largest processor and supplier of fats and oils to Australia and New Zealand who is a member in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil- a not-for-profit global association formally established under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.

Any palm oil derivatives are sourced from well-established plantations on mainland Malaysia, many of which have been converted from existing rubber plantations over two decades ago meaning rainforest wasn't destroyed to make way for these palm oil plantations. There are NO contracts with plantations in Borneo or Sumatra for the supply of Palm Oil. As such, there are no implications of present or planned rainforest destruction in these areas.