Liberate your skin with RAWKANVAS, an award-winning brand forging the path in skincare beauty to enhance your confidence, naturally.

Fill your beauty bar with high-quality natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients for face & body confidence.

Brought to life with stunning natural scents and colours, an eco-friendly design and beautiful recyclable packaging to enjoy your beauty routine guilt-free.

In carrying out our philosophy at RAWKANVAS, we are conscious at our core in terms of values and ethics whilst we operate in our beautiful world.

We hold ourselves to high standards in everything we do.

Return your preloved RAWKANVAS empties to us to redeem credit (and good karma). In exchange for returning any of your RAWKANVAS packaging, we will credit you $15NZD to put towards your next RAWKANVAS purchase.


Step 1: Keep your RAWKANVAS shipping packaging, or utilise another box you have spare at home and start filling it up with any empty bottle/jars/pumps and product boxes from your RAWKANVAS products.

Rinse out your containers to make sure they are clean and free of any residual product.

Package any of your RAWKANVAS bottle/jars/pumps and product boxes you have in the RAWKANVAS shipping box (or another box) and use any junk mail you may have laying around to cushion the bottles and prevent breakage during shipping.


Step 2: Write your name, mobile number and email address on a piece of paper and put in the shipping box. Tape your box up, head to the post office, and send it via an New Zealand Post Regular Prepaid Satchel (these are cheaper than just shipping the box) to the following address:

​RAWKANVAS Recycling Program
13 South Lynn Road
Auckland 0604
New Zealand


Once we receive your parcel of recycled RAWKANVAS bottles/jars/pumps we will email you with a $15NZD credit to put towards your next RAWKANVAS purchase.

Please remember to wash out the bottle of any residual product before returning them to us. Please do include your email address, mobile number and name so we can email you the $15NZD credit.



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