RAWKANVAS Refined Clarifying Red Wine Mask

How clay works to clean even the deepest of blemishes

Ahhh! There’s nothing quite like kicking back with a clay mask, glass of wine and a good book – it's the ultimate in #selfcare and it’s a look we see all over social media. But have we ever stopped to wonder how clay actually works to clean up our skin? Look, we’re glad you ‘asked’! Ok we brought it up. But it’s just because we’d love to tell you how clay can work practical wonders for your skin.  

So if your skin is prone to blackheads, congested pores, excess oil, breakouts or even a build-up of rough and bumpy texture – then this one’s for you! (And let’s face it, that covers pretty much all of us).  
How does a clay mask work? 

In a nutshell, clay masks work by soaking up anything and everything that’s clogging your skin. When you first apply a clay mask it’s damp, but as the clay dries, it actually soaks up excess oil, sebum and anything else that’s clogging your pores (dead skin cells, for example) and draws it all to the surface. Kind of like a magnet for gunk! 
What are the benefits of a clay mask? 

Throughout the day your skin can collect a build-up of natural oils, makeup, SPF, general dirt, pollution and other impurities. It’s the perfect storm to cause blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes and breakouts. A good clay mask essentially works to clean up this accumulation in the skin – leaving you with cleaner, healthier-looking skin!  

Clay masks can work to: 

  • Absorb impurities, excess oil and pollutants that cause blackheads and breakouts for a clearer complexion 
  • Clarify congestion to diminish the appearance of pores 
  • Reduce the appearance of breakouts for clearer skin 
  • Promote circulation for more radiant, more youthful-looking skin 
  • Buff away dry, rough texture build-up for a smoother, more refined complexion 
  • Protect skin from environmental aggressors 

What type of clay mask should you use?

There’s a lot of different clay and ingredient mixes out there. Kaolin clay is one of the best clays on the market. It’s great for all skin types, it’s gentle and hydrating, and it’s great at absorbing excess oil and gunk. It can also reduce the formation of blackheads and breakouts, giving you the appearance of smaller-looking pores! 

We recommend Refined: Clarifying Red Wine Mask. Formulated with the likes of kaolin clay, halloysite clay, zeolite and, sauvignon blanc and pinot noir grape extract, Refined assists to absorb impurities and pollutants, refine skin texture, boost circulation to clarify, and reduce the appearance of active breakouts too. 
How often should you use a clay mask? 

Use a clay mask once a week, after cleansing, for best results. 

After you mask, follow through with your usual skincare regime. Your skin will be free of build-up – meaning your serums and treatments can penetrate better into your skin! 

Five ways to use a clay mask 

Clay masks can be versatile! Here’s our recommended uses: 

  • Spot treatment: Apply to spots and blemishes only 
  • Treat nose for congestion: Apply to nose area only  
  • Diminish excess oil from the T-zone: Apply to T-zone (nose, chin, forehead) only 
  • Treat hormonal breakouts: Apply to jaw and chin only 
  • Full face treatment: Apply a thin layer to the entirety of your face, on lightly dampened skin 

And there you have it! Clay works like a magnet to absorb even the deepest of impurities from your pores, leaving you with cleaner, healthier-looking skin. Happy masking!