Autumn Winter Skin: How to Nourish Your Skin During the Changing Seasons

Summer is over for another year, and you know what that means... the temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter, and it's time to adjust your skincare routine again. Just as we layer up in warmer clothes, it's only right to layer your skin up and protect it from the effects of the cooler environment, too. So with a few simple tweaks, you can keep your skin hydrated, healthy and glowing no matter what the weather is doing.

Here's how.

Use a rich moisturiser

In the cooler months the air is drier. This means dry, flaky skin. Switch to a richer, hydrating moisturiser to not only lock in moisture, but prevent dryness too. Luna Vitality: Restoring Moisture Cream is our award-winning go-to for the cooler months. It envelops the skin with moisture, nourishes the complexion and strengthens the skin's protective barrier to avoid dehydration and dryness too. 

Exfoliate regularly

Cooler winds and temperatures can lead to a build-up of dead skin cells, making your skin look dull and dry. So when we say regular exfoliation, we mean be consistent. Once or twice a week is more than enough for most skin types to polish away dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin. We recommend Polished: Refining Exfoliant for a manual scrub. For those who prefer to let the product do the work for them, Canvas: Resurfacing AHA & BHA Treatment is our award-winning chemical mask!

Protect your lips

Protect your lips from the harsh temperatures and winds, and from yourself too! From myself? If you're guilty of licking your lips when they feel chapped (who isn't), then this one's for you. Licking your lips actually coats them in a layer of your saliva which contains enzymes and chemicals used to digest food in your mouth... which causes dryness and irritation. Be sure to coat your lips in a lip balm to protect them from the environment, and stop the niggling feeling to lick your lips too! Win-win. We love Luscious: Conditioning Lip Treatment for both. Plus, it can also double up for glowy cheeks and lids too... it can help cuts... it really has a lot of creative uses!

SPF daily

Don't forget your SPF! It may not be as hot and sunny, but UV rays still exist and they can still cause damage (premature ageing) to your skin. Wear an SPF 30 every day, whether you're inside or outside.

Stay hydrated

When you're dehydrated, it shows in your skin. While we may not be begging for water throughout the cooler days, it's still important for your overall health and for the appearance of your skin, too. So keep your skin hydrated from the inside out!

The transition from summer to winter is really simple. Just think nourishment and protection and your skin will thank you!