Image of RAWKANVAS Lustre: Renewing Bakuchiol & Champagne Decolletage Lotion

Why skincare actually starts at the chest

Ever noticed a decolletage-sized hole in your skincare routine? Now you will. Your decolletage, from your chin to your chest, is one of the most delicate areas of your body. The skin here is very thin and often left exposed, meaning this is one of the first places you'll notice premature ageing. But don't worry sun lovers of yesterday, you can still enjoy bikini's, crop tops, off-the-shoulder and plunge lines with full confidence. Just start your skincare at the chest.

But before we jump into your new skincare routine, let's get to know the decolletage a little better, shall we?

How is the decolletage skin different from our face and body?

First things first, it's important to establish that the skin on the neck and decolletage is actually more delicate than the skin on most of our face. In fact, the decolletage is more consistent with the sensitive, thinner skin around our eyes. While it's notably thinner, it also contains fewer oils glands, fewer hair follicles and is easily left exposed to environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution.

What causes the decolletage to age?

From clothing and sunscreen (or lack thereof) to environmental aggressors, our sleeping style and genuine ageing - it's the perfect cocktail to cause signs of premature ageing. While most of our body is covered in clothing and our face is covered in sunscreen, the decolletage is often left forgotten which leaves it truly open to the full force of nature - e.g. UV damage and pollution. While natural cell degeneration begins to occur on it's own, surprisingly our sleep style (read: sleeping on your side and causing cleavage wrinkles) can help to accelerate this too. Not ideal.

What skincare is suitable for my decolletage?

So where does this leave us? Do we really need another product in our beauty bar? The short answer, yes. Just as we do with our eyes (cue: a specifically formulated eye cream), the differences in the decolletage warrant a very specific formula too.

Lustre: Renewing Bakuchiol & Champagne Decolletage Lotion is a lightweight, fast-absorbing and sheer formula designed exclusively for the decolletage. Ideal for red, discoloured and uneven skin tone, sun damage and spots, and, fine lines and wrinkles Lustre is formulated with bakuchiol, hydrolused wheat protein (peptides) and vitis vinifera seed extract (champagne) to to nourish, renew and protect.

Bakuchiol is often hailed as a natural alternative to retinol (read: it's pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly!) and just like retinol it helps to prevent the formation of fine lines while assisting with elasticity and pigmentation. Hydrolised wheat protein (peptides) envelops the skin to noticeably smooth surface wrinkles and imperfections. Vitis vinifera seed extract (champagne) is a natural antioxidant that can assist to nourish, brighten and firm the skin while also protecting against daily environmental aggressors such as UV exposure, pollution, etc.

Where does the decolletage fit in my skincare routine?

Fit decolletage TLC into your skincare routine morning and night. Go about your usual morning routine, apply three or so pumps of Lustre to your decolletage and finish off with a decent helping of sunscreen before you head out the door. Every other night, consider exfoliating the decolletage area (we love Polished: Refining Exfoliant) to gently buff away dead skin cells, increase blood circulation and most importantly, pave the way for effective product absorption. Apply three or so pumps of Lustre to your decolletage each night and allow the product to work its benefits.

And after all this I think there's one thing we can all agree on now - it's that skincare doesn't finish at your face, it starts at your chest.