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The Search for the Perfect Moisturiser: How to Find Your Match

Finding the right moisturiser is crucial for healthy, radiant skin. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that suits your skin type and goals. We simplify the process to help you in the search for your perfect moisturiser.

Moisturiser essentials

Moisturisers are the foundation of any good skincare routine, offering essential hydration and protection for healthy skin. These multitasking wonders work to replenish lost moisture, prevent water loss, and fortify your skin's natural barrier. By incorporating the right moisturiser into your daily routine, you can maintain a well-hydrated complexion that's supple, smooth and protected from environmental aggressors. 

Tailoring moisturisers to your skin type

Choosing the right moisturiser starts with understanding your skin type, so you can maintain a healthy and balanced complexion. From oily, dry, combination and sensitive, you can get to know your skin type here, before you look for your most suitable moisturiser.

It's also worthwhile understanding the different types of moisturisers out there. Gel moisturisers are lightweight and water-based, making them suitable for oily and breakout-prone skin. They absorb quickly and dry without leaving a greasy residue. Lotions have a slightly thicker texture, often a mix of water and oil, making them more suitable for combination skin. They offer a balance between hydration and nourishment. Creams are richer and more emollient, containing higher amounts of oil. They are perfect for dry and mature skin, providing deep moisturisation and helping to lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration too.

To summarise for each skin type:

Tailoring moisturisers to your skin goals

Once you have your skin type and options sorted, you can also consider your skin goals. Are you hoping to address the likes of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, or breakouts? Whatever your skin goal may be, thoroughly read the product descriptions and look for opportunities to multitask with your moisturiser. This will save you money and time, while yielding you more results!

Common moisturising mistakes to avoid

Moisturising. It might seem straightforward, but there could be some really simple, and common, mistakes you're making. Avoid these mistakes so you can achieve a better outcome for your skin.

  • Over-moisturising: Applying too much moisturiser can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and an overproduction of oil. Stick to the recommended pea-sized amount for the face
  • Using a moisturiser not designed for your skin type: Using a moisturiser that is not designed for your skin can lead to imbalances. Stick to type of formulations we've recommended above, for your skin type
  • Skipping moisturiser altogether, for oily skin: Some people with oily skin can think that using a moisturiser will only make their skin oilier. The fact is, even oily skin needs hydration to maintain a healthy balance. Opt for the formulation recommended above, for your oily skin type
  • Ignoring the neck and decolletage: One of the first places to show signs of ageing, is the delicate neck and chest area. So make sure not to neglect this patch of skin! We created Lustre: Renewing Bakuchiol & Champagne Decolletage Lotion for this specific area
  • Applying moisturiser to dry skin: For maximum hydration (and benefits), apply moisturiser to slightly damp skin after cleansing or toning. This helps to lock in moisture and creates a barrier to prevent water loss
  • Using old or expired products: Using products that are out of date can lead to ineffective results, and even skin irritation. Stay across the usage dates. For RAWKANVAS, we recommend that you use your products within 6 months of opening to keep them at their freshest and highest quality. If unopened, our products have a shelf life of 18 months
  • Relying solely on moisturiser: While moisturisers are essential in every skincare routine, remember that hydration starts from within. Drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in water content to contribute to well-hydrated skin


Achieving the perfect moisturiser for your skin involves your skin type, your skin goals, and the formulations that suit you best. Be sure to avoid common mistakes and tailor your routine with expert advice to enjoy healthy, glowing skin every day. Embrace the journey of finding your ideal moisturiser, and let it be your ally in maintaining confidence, naturally.