Image of RAWKANVAS Remedy

Remedy: Our Mood-Boosting Mind and Body Saviour

In today's fast-paced world, stress takes a toll on both our bodies and our minds, leading to inflammation and exhaustion. These effects can manifest in our skin, making it essential to find a solution. So, we harnessed the power of cannabis sativa (hemp) seed and flower oil to create Remedy, our calming hemp body and hair oil. Get to know the potent benefits of hemp oil, so you can enjoy winding down and de-stressing after a long day.

Hemp oil for your body, skin and hair

Hemp seed oil is a nutrient-rich powerhouse, packed with vitamins and essential fatty acids to nourish the skin, repair the skin barrier and shield the skin from external aggressors and infections. Paired with jojoba oil and camellia oil, Remedy also assists to brighten skin and restore bounce and elasticity too. If you have dry, dehydrated, flaky, dull, red or irritated skin, its delicious combination of ingredients work to deeply hydrate and revitalise. Hemp seed oil is also getting a run in the world of haircare for its ability to assist with promoting hair growth, moisturising the hair, thickening the hair, reviving damaged hair and adding shine. 

Hemp oil for your mind

Hemp oil is enriched with myrcene and caryophyllene, acting as a natural muscle relaxant that eases tension, clears the mind and combats inflammation. These unique benefits of hemp oil make it an effective solution for calming both the body and the mind, helping your find a moment of serenity amid the daily chaos.

Wind down with Remedy

Luxurious yet lightweight, Remedy is a multi-use body, belly and hair oil that can be used on its own or paired with a nourishing moisturiser. Take five minutes each day to wind down and embrace some self care. Soothe your skin, nourish your hair and calm your mind. It's a holistic connection between body and mind that's yours to bask in everyday. Remedy: Calming Hemp Body Oil is $59 for 100mL.