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Real stories, real results: RAWKANVAS skincare transformations

Achieving and maintaining confidence in your skin is a universal desire that transcends age, culture and background. Whether you're new to skincare, or you're ready for a new journey, we share stories of women who have not only achieved radiance in their skin, but a newfound confidence in themselves. Their journeys are living proof that you can too. We share their amazing transformations, and the products they used, to help you with your own success story.


Saffron's all-too common journey to overcome breakouts

Saffron, one of our beautiful twenty-something customers, had been storing built-up emotions from her consistent struggle of living with breakouts from as far back as 14. She tried everything over the years to help her. After 3 months of using RAWKANVAS, she was so happy with the results, adding "I feel more confident and happy with my skin." Saffron got her basics right, and stuck to a routine with:


Demi's journey to overcome blemishes and pigmentation

Like so many of us, Demi had tried a lot of products over the years hoping to reduce redness, irritation, breakouts and pigmentation. In her own words, "I just wanted to say how GRATEFUL I am that I found your beautiful products. With patience and care using RAWKANVAS, I'm seeing RESULTS. My breakouts are gone, the redness has subsided, my skin is looking so healthy and I feel confident." With just a few key products in the routine, Demi achieved her results using:


Aditi's 9-year road to confidence

Aditi also started getting pimples when she was young. From 11 years old, Aditi spent 9 long years using different skincare brands, routines, pills, you name it. "My skin used to be my biggest insecurity. I could never leave the house without foundation and my self esteem was low. Finding RAWKANVAS was the best thing to happen to me. My skin has never looked better." Aditi favoured these products in her transformation:


These are just a few of the incredible skin transformation journeys that have unfolded with RAWKANVAS. We are so humbled and proud to have helped these lovely customers on their journey to confidence, and we're here to help you too. Get started by defining your skin type, setting your skin goals (identifying skin concerns you'd like to address) and designing a basic routine to suit. With a little self care and consistency, you'll be on your journey to confidence in no time. 

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