Image of RAWKANVAS glass packaging

How to earn good karma and be rewarded when you recycle

It’s no secret that the beauty industry, with its millions upon millions of daily consumers, holds a significant stake in the draining of natural resources and use of non-recyclable materials. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

That’s why we carefully selected recyclable glass packaging, recycled print materials (postage and product boxes) and compostable starch fill (postage boxes), while also implementing our in-house recycling program RAWCYCLE too.

Explore how you can recycle with us while easily cashing in on some good karma and rewards! 


‘We want people to feel at home in their skin, while we care for our home on this earth. This earth produces the ingredients that so beautifully care for our skin, and it is our responsibility to help nourish the earth that so generously nourishes us.'


Introducing RAWCYCLE 

RAWCYCLE is our unique, in-house commitment to sustainability.  

From day one, our business model has incorporated eco-friendly packaging coupled with an incentivised recycling program. This ensures that RAWKANVAS reduces unnecessary emissions in the beauty world all the while giving packaging a new life, time and time again.  

All you have to do is return your preloved RAWKANVAS packaging to redeem RAWKANVAS credit (and good karma!). We will then find use for the glass via upcycling. 


RAWCYLE is as easy as one, two, three… 

1. Clean 

    Clean your RAWKANVAS empties thoroughly and place in a postage box protected by compostable packaging fill or spare paper to cushion the bottles and prevent breakage during shipping. 

    2. Pack

    Complete your details on a piece of paper and insert inside the box (your full name, contact number and email address). 

    3. Ship 

      Post your empties back to RAWKANVAS. Tape your box up, head to the post office and send the parcel via your preferred shipping option to the following address:​ 

      PO Box 140
      Auckland 2018
      New Zealand



      Once we receive your package (identified by step 2), you'll receive an email with your $15NZD RAWKANVAS credit to put towards your next online RAWKANVAS purchase! 

      From here, your preloved packaging will undergo a thorough, deep sterilisation process (as all new and recycled glassware and packaging materials do), before being refilled and given a new life by our chemists in a clean environment. 
      With our recyclable materials and your action to help us recycle, together we can have a positive impact. Here’s to a positive shift in the beauty industry!