Preparing for Your Skincare Consult: Get the Most Out of Your Session

Whether you're getting started on your skincare journey or you're taking it to the next level, a skincare consultation can be a game-changer. It's your opportunity to tap into the expertise of a professional who can guide you toward the right products and routines tailored to your unique skin and goals. Because with multiple brands, products, routines and promises out there, it can get confusing.

But how do you ensure that your consultation is productive? That's where a little preparation comes in. Here's our quick tips to help you get the most out of your skincare consultation. From knowing your skin type to setting clear goals, each step plays a role in ensuring the success of your session, so you can transform your skincare routine with confidence.

Know your skin type and historyThe best way to care for your skin starts with knowing your skin type. And while we believe that everyone’s skin is as unique as their personality, there are a few common characteristics that help to define your skin type. Whether it’s oily, dry, combination or sensitive, knowing your skin type allows you to focus on the right products for you. Discover your skin type here. It's also worth taking time to reflect on your skin's history. By this we mean note any previous skin concerns, conditions, allergies, sensitivities and the skincare products you've used in the past.

Set your skin goals: Make a list of your current skin concerns and set skin goals so that the right products can be matched to you. No-one needs a million-step skincare routine, you need a routine complete with the products that will work towards assisting your goals. Goals are commonly made to assist breakouts, dryness, dullness, enlarged pores, fine lines, light scarring, oiliness, uneven skin tone (pigmentation, redness) and sun damage, to give you an idea.

Set your expectations and goals: After you've defined your own skin goals, it's important to clearly communicate these goals, and the overall expectations of your skincare journey. Whether it be a simplified routine, specific results or a focus on prevention, this will shape the course of your consultation (and therefore your end results).

Prepare your questions: Be sure to write down any questions you have about skincare products, ingredients, routines, etc. This ensures you won't finish the session with any lingering thoughts or unanswered questions.

Bring your current products: Gather or make a list of the skincare brand or products you're currently using. Let your consultant know your experience - the good and the bad. The consultant can review the ingredients and formulations to help determine their suitability for you.

Take makeup-free photos: If possible, take makeup-free photos or your skin in natural lighting. This provides a clear reference for your consultant to help them better assess your skin's condition (especially with an online consultation).

Be honest about your routine, diet and lifestyle, and makeup habits: Whether you've been washing your skin with a bar of soap, or you're a skincare layering pro, be open and honest about your skincare routine. This helps to get you and your consultant on the same page, and suggest improvements. Be ready to discuss your diet, water intake, sleep, stress and any other lifestyle factors that could impact your skin's health, too. If you wear makeup regularly, share the type of makeup products you're using, and how often you use them.

Set your budget: Have an idea of your budget for skincare products. With this in mind, your consultant can suggest options that align with your financial needs.

Take notes: During your consultation, actively listen and take notes on any recommendations, products, routines etc. that are given to you. This ensures that you will remember the details long after the consultation!

Remember, a skincare consultation is a two-way conversation. So the more you prepare beforehand, and provide within the consultation, the better the outcome for you and your skin's health! Whether it's a consultation with your dermatologist, or a consultation with us (book a free personalised consult here), we wish you the best on your skincare journey!