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How to Keep Your Skincare Fresh and Effective

With chic glassware and stunning hues straight from the rainbow, we couldn't blame you for displaying your gorgeous skincare in the bedroom or bathroom. But did you know, that improper storage can affect the quality and lifespan of your skincare products? Just like food and other consumables, skincare products don't stay fresh forever. And this is especially true for natural and organic skincare products, because they don't contain synthetic preservatives.

Let us help you maintain the quality of your skincare products, with this storage guide.


Be aware of heat and humidity

Heat and humidity can compromise the quality of natural and plant-based products, leading to ingredient deterioration and even mould growth. We recommend storing all of your skincare products in a cool, dry and dark place protected from heat and humidity sources, such as a dedicated skincare fridge or a drawer in your bedroom. Don't store your products on your bathroom vanity if it is open and exposed, or within reach of sunlight pouring through a window.


Maintain cleanliness

Glass packaging is not only eco-friendly, but also allows for sterilisation and for reuse (in our RAWCYCLE program). When using products housed in glass jars (where you're required to touch your skincare), remember to wash your hands thoroughly before each use. By keeping your hands clean, you minimise the risk of introducing bacteria into your products, which ensures their freshness for a longer time.


Get to know your product's shelf life

Get the most out of your skincare routine, by using and enjoying your products! Once opened, use your product within six months. If unopened, your product will last for up to 18 months. If you haven't finished a product within the recommended timeframe, it might be time to bid it farewell! Remember, you purchased the product to make changes in your skin, so don't be afraid to use it consistently! Remember, all beauty products have an expiration date, especially natural ones without synthetic preservatives. 


Harness the power of natural preservatives

RAWKANVAS products are formulated with natural preservatives that are derived from plant-based ingredients. Glyceryl caprylate, found in Canvas, The Limelight and Luna Vitality, is a natural preservative found in the coconut that prevents mould and bacteria growth. Glycerin, sodium levulinate and sodium anisate, found in Purified, Luminosity, Harmony and Sol, are other plant-based preservatives that help to keep these products fresher for longer.

To learn more about the natural ingredients we use in our RAWKANVAS products, click here.


So while it may seem simple, proper storage is vital to ensure your RAWKANVAS skincare products remain fresh, effective and deliver the desired results. Proper storage also ensures that their colour remains vibrant, while protecting them from mould and bacteria growth. By following these easy tips and making a conscious effort to store your products correctly, you can prolong their lifespan and continue to enjoy their benefits.