How to correctly store your skincare

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We all know how tempting it is to have our favourite skincare and beauty products on display in our bedroom or bathroom. If you’re skincare obsessed like we are, there’s nothing better than seeing your treasured cleanser, moisturiser, masks and serums lined up perfectly.

But once we start using our products, keeping them out where they are exposed to light, heat and humidity will cause them to lose their effectiveness and expire sooner than we’d like.

Just like food and other consumables, skincare products don’t stay fresh forever. This is especially true for natural and organic products as they don’t contain any synthetic preservatives.

One of the best ways to make sure your natural skincare products stay fresh for longer is to store them away from harsh environmental factors.

Here are our top storage tips for storing your favourite RAWKANVAS essentials.


Heat is not your friend

Because RAWKANVAS products are natural and plant-based, made without synthetic preservatives, exposure to heat can cause the ingredients to deteriorate faster and eventually become spoiled.

Just like how our skin is sensitive to heat and burn in the sun, heat also affects our skincare products. Although packaging provides some protection, exposure to high temperatures like in humid bathrooms, warm handbags left outside or in the car, and warm sunlight through the bedroom window causes ingredients to deteriorate.

Your beloved RAWKANVAS products are filled with natural ingredients and are free from synthetic preservatives, so constant exposure to high temperatures and humidity may cause the ingredients to grow mould.

To avoid shortening the life of your RAWKANVAS products, we recommend storing them in a cool, dark place away from humidity and heat such as a drawer in your bedroom or a special skincare fridge (not your everyday household fridge as the humidity is too high and you don’t want cross-contamination with your food).


Keep it clean

Many of our RAWKANVAS products are packaged within glass jars and containers sourced from local Australian suppliers to reduce the impact on the environment. Using glass packaging also ensures that we can sterilise and reuse them as part of our recycling program.

When using skincare products housed in glass jars, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly wash your hands before each time you use your products. Having clean hands will greatly reduce the chance of bringing bacteria into your products and will help them to stay fresh for longer.


How long to keep skincare

As a general rule, we recommend using your RAWKANVAS products within 6 months of opening them to ensure they stay fresh and are still working wonders for your skin. Unopened products last for 18 months on the shelf.

If you haven’t completely used up all of your RAWKANVAS product within 6 months of opening, it might be time to consider letting it go! As sad as it is, all beauty products expire and this is especially true for natural products that don’t contain preservatives.

But there’s no need to worry! So long as you store your products away from humid, warm areas, your products will be just as fresh as the day you bought them until the day they are all finished.


Natural preservatives

RAWKANVAS products contain natural preservatives derived from plant-based ingredients with proven preserving properties.

Luna Vitality, The Limelight and Canvas contain glyceryl caprylate, a natural preservative found in coconut to prevent mould and bacteria.

Many of our other products including Harmony, Luminosity, Purified and Sol contain ingredients such as glycerin, sodium levulinate and sodium anisate, plant-based natural preservatives that help them to stay fresh for longer! 

To learn more about the natural ingredients used within RAWKANVAS products, click here.

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